Sacred Practices & Other Public Programs

There are 3 categories of programs:
Sacred Practices based on the book, Hands-On and/or Experiential Classes, Lecture Format.


The Sacred Practices based on the book:

  1. Optimize your spirit, brain, mindset, behavior and perceptions.
  2. Clarify and hone your boundaries, intentions, goals and visions.
  3. Connect with the seed of the sacred that lives within you and expand your sacred universe.
  4. Intentionally spiral up to an Awakened Spirit.
  5. Deepen your contact with life and strengthen your spirit.
  6. Diffuse disruptions in your Energetic Matrix.
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SP1: Sacred Practices Intensive: 8 days
SP2: Sacred Practices: 21 day evening class
SP3: Sacred Practices: 21 week, week-end class

Hands-on and/or Experiential Classes:

HO1: Couples Massage
HO2: Breast Health and Self-Breast Massage
HO3: Discovering the magic and power of Energy Work
HO4: Therapeutic Touch: Touch and massage for comfort.
HO5: Daoyin

Lecture Format:

These lectures can be geared for Massage Professionals or the general public

LF1: Our Energetic Matrix and how it contributes to illness and health.
LF2:  The Dual Path of Working Out and Working In.
LF3: Personal transformation through Massage & Bodywork
LF4: Bowing to the Sacred Within
LF5: Are you ready to strike the gong?
LF6: Tired of patterns you can neither shake nor break? Awaken your Spirit!