SBCP Eligibility, Requirements & Costs and Experiential Track

SBCP Eligibility, Requirements & Costs and Experiential Track


Eligibility to the Experiential Track:

The Experiential Track is available to anyone who wants to have some of the skills of Sacred Bodywork™, but does not want to commit to the Certification Track. Registrants must have already developed a working level of hand sensitivity, such as Massage Therapists, Reiki practitioners, etc. All Sacred Bodywork classes (except SB9, SB10 & SB11) are open on the Experiential Track.

Eligibility to the Certification (SBCP) Program:

The Certification Track is designed for the committed Bodywork Professional as an in-depth process of professional and personal learning, growth and transformation using the philosophy of the Dual Path: that the Massage Professional must be committed to, and actively on, their own path of self-awareness, growth and transformation. The process of this program allows for individualized integration of material, assessment of progress and step-by-step personal oral and/or written feedback from the instructor to ensure each student is integrating the techniques before the testing module and to assess progress on the Dual Path.

The Requirements of the SBCP consists of:

  • Completion of Application
  • 11 Modules
  • 3 Professional Sacred Bodywork Sessions
  • 22 Student Sessions (two on each module)
  • 3 Evaluation Sessions (one after every 2 modules)
  • 3 Professional EFT sessions
  • 110 Documented Client Sessions (ten per module)
  • An active Meditation Practice
  • Journaling
  • Actively practicing, and dedicated to, personal mental, behavioral, spiritual and physical health.
  • Required Reading: Monique Illona’s book, A Dual Path: Sacred Practices and Bodywork

Module Order:

The SBCP consists of 11 modules of varying lengths.

SB1 and SB2 must be taken in order and must be completed before going on to the other modules.

SB3 through 8 can be taken in any order with SB9 as the last module and in preparation for SB11.

The Sacred Practices are integral to the Dual Path and it is recommended that  SB10 is taken as early as possible in the program. SB10 must be completed before going on to a fourth class.

SB11 is the testing and graduation module and consists of three 90-minute hands-on test sessions and a written and/or oral exam. SB11 is scheduled on an individual basis by the student once the student has completed their requirements. 

Module Cost:

SB1: $550 – Creating Space, Mind & Body, 3 Days, 24 CE Hours.

SB2: $365 – Breathing into the Sacred Ecosystem Within: 2 Days. 16 NCBMT CE hours.

SB3: $185 – Rippling: 1 Day. 8 NCBMT CE hours.

SB4: $550 – Swirling the Mind – 3 days, 24 NCBMT CE hours.

SB5: $300 – Healing with Sound and Vibration: 2 Days. 13 NCBMT CE hours.

SB6: $480 – Fine Tissue Work for Pain – Upper Body: 3 Days. 21 NCBMT CE hours

SB7: $480 – Fine Tissue Work for Pain: Mid Body: 3 Days. 21 NCBMT CE hours

SB8: $320 – Fine Tissue Work for Pain in the Extremities: 2 Days. 14 NCBMT CE hours

SB9: $365 – Integration Intensive: 2 Days. 16 NCBMT CE hours

SB10: $700 – Sacred Practices Intensive: 7 Days. No CE hours.

SBE: $260 each ($780 total) – 3 Evaluation Sessions. 3 hours each. 3 NCBMT CE hours

SB11: $700 – Testing and Graduation: 1 Day. 8 NCBMT CE hours

Costs outside of Modules:

– 3 Professional Sacred Bodywork sessions $195 each ($585 total)

– 3 Professional EFT sessions – Market cost

– Required reading text $49.88 includes tax

Complete cost: $6409.88 (does not include professional EFT sessions)

Number of CE Hours: 175

Much of the cost of this program can be recouped by offering clients specialized services that include these techniques, including the 110 documented client sessions.