The Dual Path Revealed

The Dual Path effects comprehensive, deep  and lasting personal transformation by drawing on practices that affect our systems as a whole, such as neuroscience, Cherokee ritual, tapping on meridians, drawing from the power of nature and meditation.
The images you see are a reference to the wisdom, reflection and contemplation that are cultivated on the Dual Path. The choice of colors reflect the philosophy that we are wonderfully sensitive beings, that every experience literally shapes us. Colors that are alive and vibrant make us feel alive and vibrant, while colors that are soft and mellow tend to make us feel relaxed. All in all, the Dual Path website (and the book) has been created to reflect the sensibility of the sacred.
The term ‘Dual Path’ refers to a number of ideas and dynamics, that the book delves into at greater length:
  •  Many of us go to a yoga class, have a meditation practice, or go for a massage, but it is not enough to visit the sacred or the spirit for twenty-minutes or an hour and then go back to our life. The Dual Path is about connecting to the sacred within so that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, the sacred is always present. If we do not achieve this, we tend to feel lost and unsatisfied as we live our lives split between the two. For some this even leads to having a ‘soap opera’ life as they try to navigate between the two experiences.
  • The epitome of someone living a spiritual or sacred life is someone who lives on a mountain, devoted to their spiritual practices. On the other end of the spectrum are those who feel so weighed down by their responsibilities that they cannot find time for themselves, let alone find time to create a spiritual life or time to connect to the sacred. This is the dual path of Heaven and Earth. Earth gives us stability but can also make us feel stuck while Heaven allows us to connect with spirit but can disconnect us from reality. The Dual Path is one that brings balance to the two. By connecting and honoring the Sacred or the Spirit that resides inside, our life is in balance..
While Sacred Practices explore and clear unhealthy emotional, behavioral and thought patterns, Sacred Bodywork shifts both physical and energetic “tectonic plates”. This book is intended for all those who are ready for transformation, bodywork professionals who want to elevate their profession to a true art, and clients who want to experience massage as a feast for the soul.
  • How will A Dual Path help you?

The General Public


  A Dual Path will help you:

  • Heal your energetic matrix by dissolving behavioral, emotional, energetic and physical holding patterns.
  • Let go of patterns that are no longer healthy or useful.
  • Establish daily practices that keep you on track with a clear mind, a fluid body and an open heart.
  • Transform your entire way of being and your entire way of life.
  • Change how you remember and think of past events.
  • Awaken your spirit so you feel alive, vital, grounded, connected and responsive to your life and your world.
  • Create the life your spirit needs.

 Massage Clients

  • Find out how you your habits and lifestyle can support the level of relaxation you’ve achieved in your session.
  • Know what to look for when searching for a Massage Professional.
  • Answer many of the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s of massage.
  • Learn how to make the most of your session.

The Massage Professional


A Dual Path will help you:

  • Understand the parallel journeys and learning curves that you and your client are on.
  • Honor and support the journey you anticipated going on when you entered the massage profession.
  • Bridge the gap between deep work and energetic work, between working on the physical body and the energetic body.
  • Work with the energetic matrix of the clients system and address more than the physical body.
  • Listen and respond to the subtle communication of the body.
  • Make corrections to the client’s physical, energetic and emotional patterns. 
  • Learn the only modality that is specifically geared to leading the client into a meditative state to allow them to transcend the physical realm.
  • Learn techniques such as Melting, Spirit Welcome, Opening the Veil, Pushing Against the Waves and many more.
  • Work with the breath, sound and vibration.