A Dual Path: The Book

A Dual Path: The Book

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Awaken your Spirit

It is not enough to try to meet and fulfill our roles and responsibilities while we visit our ‘spirit’ by taking yoga classes, having a massage, or a meditation practice. This kind of life leaves us feeling that our lives and spirits are separate, and can contribute to us feeling lost and unfulfilled, or even leading a ‘Soap Opera life’.

We are complex individuals with life experiences that manifest in emotional, behavioral and thought patterns. These patterns create an energetic matrix and true health, a vitality of spirit, comes from a dual approach, The Dual Path: diffusing the patterns held within our energetic matrix while connecting to and cultivating the sacredness of our life, the Spirit Within.


  • Secular practices to explore and clear unhealthy emotional, behavioral and thought patterns.
  • Detailed descriptions of beautiful techniques for the Bodywork Professional who wants to elevate their practice to an art form.
  • A guide for the client who wonders how they can make the most of their session, what they can do before during and after and how they can experience massage as a feast for the soul.

To view a video of a book reading from Chapter 5: My Sacred Journey – from a Legacy of the Holocaust to a Sacred Spirit, click on ‘More Info’.

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